A state of mind

Our creativity is limitless. Our planet isn’t.

Massless teams iterate and innovate at lightspeed, without leaving behind a massive carbon footprint.

How massless is your team?

Massless is a state of mind. Discover the four massless principles below. Maybe you are more massless than you think you are.

1. Massless

99% of prototypes are trash. Do you really need a physical object? Massless teams leverage simulation, augmented reality, and virtual reality to iterate in the metaverse.

To this end, we have built a free augmented reality tool for engineers to get an instant “massless prototype” of their design in their physical workspace. Go fully massless today with polySpectra AR!

massless prototyping using augmented reality

polySpectra AR

3. Less Waste

Massless teams choose manufacturing processes that eliminate waste. Additive manufacturing is preferred over subtractive processes such as CNC milling, or molding processes which require enormous input energy. For example, a DLP 3D printer uses <2% of the energy of an injection molding press. Read this article for more details.

Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing

Why 3D Printing Is a Critical Part of the Battle Against Climate Change

4. Less Movement

You shall know our velocity!

The global supply chain is broken. Our addiction to labor arbitrage and cheap fossil fuels has led to a deeply fragile global manufacturing infrastructure. Massless teams leverage virtual warehouses to directly digitally manufacture their products as close to the location of use as possible. Massless teams prefer to send files around the world over the internet, instead of components around the world over land/air/sea.

Global Supply Chain Cartoon Courtesy DHL

The Brutal Reality of Digital Manufacturing in 2021

Our Mission

The Massless Mission is to reduce global energy usage by 25% by 2050. Achieving this will require restructuring our global manufacturing infrastructure, simplifying distributed digital manufacturing technologies, empowering consumers with insight into the embodied energy of their purchasing decisions, and training the next generation of engineers to leverage a massless mindset to tread lightly on our planet – all while accelerating economic opportunities.

Are you in?

Go Massless

Are you manifesting a massless mindset?